Syria: Why So Serious?

An American withdrawal from Syria on its own is major news. The United States handed Syria on a silver platter to the Assad regime, which means Iran officially owns the northern Levant. Our Kurdish allies in Syria have been abandoned, and are likely to be annihilated and buried in ditches, per the words of the Turkish... Continue Reading →

Iran Deal: When Pulling Out Is Bad

Congratulations President Trump on forcing the United States to contend with not one, but two nuclear crises simultaneously. Not only that, they're in some of the world's most strategically important regions! That's American grand strategy at its finest. Well done. In all seriousness, pulling out of the Iran deal was an extremely dangerous and reckless decision.... Continue Reading →

Morris Halle: 1923 – 2018

Today is a sad day for linguists across the world. Morris Halle, one of the great heroes in the history of modern linguistics, passed away at 3:45 AM. He will be remembered as one of the greatest phonologists of our time, authoring seminal works such as the Sound Pattern of Russian, as well as the... Continue Reading →

Kazakh Alphabet: No Place for Prescriptivism

Last October, Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to change Kazakh’s alphabet from the Cyrillic to Latin script by 2025. On the surface, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this. It’s understandable that Nazarbayev would want to employ the most globally used alphabet and distance his country from its Soviet past—though ironically the Soviets first Latinized Kazakh in 1929... Continue Reading →

Should the U.S. hack Russia’s elections?

On a panel in Washington, former Pentagon Chief of Staff Eric Rosenbach posed an interesting question: Should the United States hack Russia’s upcoming presidential elections? Hacking Russia’s elections would likely feel satisfying to many Americans, but is this sort of revenge in the national interest? Let’s evaluate some of the pros and cons. Pros Hacking... Continue Reading →

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